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Top Residential Locksmith Services in Toronto

24h Home Security Solutions by Toro Locksmith

As crime rates increase so does the importance of the role of the locksmith. You may remember or might have heard people talk of the “good old days” – when they didn’t even have to lock the door at night.  To some this might seem like a make-believe story because leaving your home unlocked today is just not an option, but that is the way things used to be.  Today, we have to make sure that our homes, cars and businesses are locked at all times and we also have to know who has access to all of our keys – this is crucial to our security.

Why call us?

Toro Locksmith Toronto understands the importance of home security and provides excellent residential locksmith services. Whether you need us in an emergency or not our team provides round the clock service. We are available 24/7, every day of the year, so whenever you find yourself in need of residential locksmith services in Toronto you can just give us a call. Our phone representative will answer your questions and give you a price quote before immediately dispatching a team to your location. Our friendly residential locksmiths are always more than happy to answer any questions you have about their work. All of them have extensive experience in the locksmith profession and love to talk about their work.

Who are we?

Toro Locksmith Toronto is a fully licensed locksmith business that provides service to the entire GTA. Our residential locksmiths are all licensed professionals that love what they do and pride themselves on providing excellent and personal service to our customers. Our enthusiastic team keeps up with the latest technology in the locksmith industry and we make sure to keep our vans equipped with all the most modern gear, enabling us to take care of a variety of services on site, from our van.

Our Residential Locksmith Services in Toronto

  • We provide emergency home lockout assistance. If you find yourself annoyingly locked out call us and we’ll send a team to assist you immediately.
  • Before moving into a new residence it is always best to change all the external locks or to rekey them. The reason for this is that you never know who might have a key to your home. If the home was previously owned anyone could have a key, including previous owners, their family and friends, neighbors, the cleaners. Even if it is a new home, if you did not have the locks installed you have no way of knowing who has a copy of the key. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


For our residential locksmith services in Toronto call: (647) 317-5903