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Toronto’s Best Mobile Locksmith Services

Toro Locksmith Delivers Mobile Locksmith Solutions 24/7

As Toronto’s leading provider of comprehensive locksmith services it is only natural that Toro Locksmith’s mobile locksmith service leaves nothing to be desired. We guarantee a fast response time arrival to any location within the greater Toronto area, once on spot our expert locksmith techs will go on to provide you with any type of locksmith service you may require, there is absolutely nothing we can’t do in our state of the art mobile locksmith workshops (in form of the fully equipped service vans we provide our techs with).

We are always available for immediate response, 24/7 all year round. We aim for full customer satisfaction and so make sure our rates are among the lowest in the marked while our service is of the highest standards.

There’s Nothing We Can’t Do On-Spot

Ever since locks and keys began to be used locksmith were expected to be able to perform all kinds of tasks on spot. After all, it is impossible to pick a door lock that has jammed from a distance, and the same goes to installing locks, replacing or repairing ones etc. However, some tasks could only be performed in the locksmith’s workshop, key duplication for instance. Today locksmiths are expected to be able to provide any and all types of lock, key or security system related services on site, and so the mobile locksmith services in Toronto, ON is the main service any self-respecting locksmith company provides.

Top Class Mobile Locksmith Services for Rock Bottom Prices

With Toro Locksmith Toronto you need not to compromise, you can enjoy top class service while still paying the lowest possible rates. We go to great lengths in order to maintain our unbeatable standard of operation while still offering rates that are among the lowest in the market.
It is our efficiency and the strict honest billing policy we follow which ensure that from us you will never receive less than highly professional service nor will you be charged an unfair price for it.

Always Available, Lightening Fast

Toro Locksmith Toronto is a nonstop operation, we literally are always on the job! We never close up shop just so that you never have to wonder if we are available. Our dispatch is manned 24/7 and we always, at all times, keep at least one manned service van on the ready to rush over your way.

Once you set our wheels in motion we will not leave you hanging long. Our intimate knowledge of Toronto and our extensive fleet of mobile locksmith service vans ensure we always meet you in very fast response time as we promise. Once on spot our expert techs will go on to provide you with the locksmith service you called us in to perform with ease and within the shortest time.

If you need any kind of locksmith service in Toronto, try out our mobile locksmith service, you will not be disappointed! After all what can be better than getting top class service within the shortest time frames and for the lowest rates.


For our mobile locksmith services in Toronto call – (647) 317-5903