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Broken Ignition Key Extraction in Toronto

Toro Locksmith Provides Professional Car Locksmith Services 24/7

When you’re sticking your car key into the ignition and turning it, the last thing you’re expecting is for the key to break. Whether it’s because your ignition is too cold or the key is old or your ignition is jammed and you have to turn it extra hard, sometimes this can happen. When it does happen, though, the first thing you should do is call Toro Locksmith.

If you call us, one of our technicians will be there within a fast response time to remove the broken key pieces from the ignition and replace the key for you (and the ignition if necessary) so that you can get on your way. Our technicians are all trained experts who provide excellent and professional service to customers like you. For Toronto broken ignition key extraction, there’s no better company to call than Toro Locksmith. When you call us, you’ll immediately see why that is.

Our Customer Care

Whether we’re using our professional services for broken ignition key extraction or for chip key replacement, we are professionals in taking care of our customers. We keep our doors open for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience and emergencies. We keep our rates low for your affordability.

We keep our technicians busy and quick to arrive at your location within a fast response time for your convenient scheduling. It’s never convenient when your car key breaks off in your ignition, so call us and we’ll make it as painless as possible by arriving quickly, answering all your questions, and resolving the situation on the spot.

Doing It the Right Way

The only right way to perform broken ignition key extraction in Toronto is to do so professionally. This means that you should NOT attempt to do it yourself. You may see the broken key pieces and try to pull them out on your own. Immediately after it breaks, you may try to pull the key out. This is never a good idea unless you are trained in how to do it, as all our technicians are. The reason for this is that you could damage the ignition by jamming a sharp metal key piece into it. Your ignition is connected to the electrical circuitry in your car, and if you damage it, you could damage more than just the ignition.

Additionally, if you damage the ignition, you’ll have to replace the whole thing instead of just the broken key. It’s smarter to call Toro Locksmith so that we can send a trained expert out there to carefully extract the broken pieces and replace the key. Better to be safe than sorry! If necessary, we can replace the entire ignition to help prevent this problem from happening again, but more often than not it’s the fault of a damaged or old key and not the ignition.


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